Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Hi all, I can't believe I missed last week, had a virus ear thingy which kept making me feel dizzy and I also was making a secret project but I can't show you yet, but I will soon.  As you know I had a bad cold at the beginning of September and the rest of September I have been feeling really, really, really tired, having headaches etc, I blamed it on the cold plus my injections have started running out so I am in constant pain in my back, which normally never effects my craft as when I'm in the art zone I feel nothing, it's the best medicine.  Anyhow I now know why!!!!  I'm anemic, I have had a poor diet since having my back problems as I tend to pick but not eat properly apart from sweet stuff,  so from now on proper diet and iron pills and I should be feeling less fatigued lol. That's probably why I caught all the bugs in the area during September lol, they thought, hey there's an easy target, come on lets go bug her!!! OK yep I'm loosing it lol lol lol.
Anyway why am I here, well it's Wednesday which means it's time for What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday where everyone shares what's on there desk :-)

I'm guest designer for October over at the C.R.A.F.T. Challenge Blog
(tomorrow morning post!).  So they work with digis from sponsors, now I have
to admit I love colouring and blending with my promarkers, I haven't
done it for a few months as paint etc has taken over but
I do enjoy it.  Only problem is I don't do cards much anymore, I do
need to start as everyone keeps asking me can they buy a card lol.
So lets just say that it's a digi, on a 3D form, with paint and stamps!!!!
and I think you can guess from my desk, it maybe, sort of, could be pink!!!!!!

Pretty much a dumping desk still, but slowly I'm getting there with my
sorting, hopefully I won't want to fall asleep while doing it anymore lol

As you can see, definitely a lot neater then two weeks ago :-)

I also want to start some mixed media jewellery for crimbo presents,
they used to be on the shelve above, but now I have moved as much stuff
to more reachable areas, this saves me from having to wait for
someone to get them down as it was too painful and then
by the time someone did I would be doing something else lol,
I mean, leave a crafter waiting with twiddling thumbs and I'm sure
you know, your brain goes else where and finds the next great thing
you want to try :-)

Men!!!!, I still need to sort these, I am getting around to them, I wanted
to sort out the floor so I could get from AtoB before doing these lol.
They have been here for a couple of weeks, I haven't managed to knock
them down once, last night I forgot to close my window, so the other half did!!!
Yep you guessed it, he closed it in the dark and kicked one over, now luckily
it's the one I have sorted the buttons out so not much in them, but
seriously he knows I am sorting, and trust me you can't move on his side of the room!!!
Grrrrrrrrr, MEN!!!!!
If anyone wants me to remind them of our massive room we share, let me know and
I shall take some pics :-)

Right I better be off, I can honestly say this is the first evening for two weeks that I have not felt so tired too actually post, don't think is the iron tablets as they can take awhile to start working, but I reckon it's actually eating 3 meals a day that is working (with the watchful eye of the other half hmmmmm).
I didn't post last night which means either tomorrow or Friday they may be two posts lol as I have so many bits to share, plus another secret I can tell you about (Saturday post).
Thank you so much for supporting me through the good and bad, over the last week not getting to post has really got me down, I love sharing and it's great to be back :-) (only gone a week and a half lol)
Happy Woyww
Lots of hugs
Kezzy xxxxx


Sharon Madson said...

Wow, you have a lot of stuff! I thought I had a lot! :) I at first thought all those buttons were eyelets. I have tons of both! And always forget to use either! LOL

Glad you are feeling better and could do WOYWW.

Nan G said...

Oh the loveliness of your room of stash! And nice to see you back. Hope you are getting stronger every day. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #8

Nikki said...

Wow!! Your room is full of fun stash hugs Nikki 21

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated WOYWW. Thank you for sharing so many fab photos. I love your paper/card storage. Just the sort of thing I need. I am going to make it a priority to sort that part of my craft room out. Buttons - I just have a big jar, which is only half full. Can I come and play with yours? Ali x #52

Annie said...

Glad you're feeling a little better. Eating proper meals is really important for good health so you must try not to neglect it again. Living with a back problem is more than enough for you.....come on let me hear you say "Yes Annie"! :-)
What a lot of stash you have there to play with.
A x # 48

Sweetncrafty Gal said...

wahhhhh im so showing my hubby kezzy! he's moaning i'm moving into my 2nd craftroom! you soooooooo have more than me!! haha!!!! hope your ok! hugs carlyann xxx

Julie Lee said...

So glad you're eating properly and feeling better. Nourishment for the body is so important and craft is nourishment for the soul; but you can't really have one without the other! So very happy for you about the GDing - can you say that? Loving all your stash and I can't wait to see that Christmas pressie jewellery! Bet it's lovely because you're so talented, Kezzy! Julie Ann xx #56

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

You've got quite the enviable craft room and supplies!! Glad you are feeling better!

Heather #104

The Taming of the Glue said...

WOW...button heaven! Hope the sciatica doesn't play up to much and stop you from crafting. Glad to hear that the doctor has sorted out the dizziness though, no wonder you were feeling rough! Hugs. Pam#41

April said...

My husband is like a bull moose in a china shop so he's not allowed in my craft room. ;-) If there had been buttons on the floor - Molly would have had them spread across the basement by morning. lol I would like a reminder of the room size. I hope the iron kicks in quickly.
April #17