Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Hi all, sorry I haven't been around much, and I can't believe I missed last weeks WOYWW (the amazing place where us crafters share our desks), but I just couldn't move with pain, it felt awful. I finally have had the injections in my back on Monday and now supposed to rest for 5 days.  I am feeling rough but today I had to try and get something done so I have been sorting through my ribbons.  My craft room is a mess from my daughter piling all the ribbon downstairs for me lol, the dining room has bags of ribbon all over the dining room table and my crochet plus colouring mediums all over the living room so yep I'm taking over the house.  I have wanted to sort my craft room for awhile and since I knew that summer was coming and because I had my injections I would be up and about I thought this was the ideal time to sort (probably not this early but it is sofa craft so I am resting!!!)
Yep all stuffed in bags from all over the place in
the craft room, I had 12 large glass jars, two carry bags and some
hanging off the side of the book shelve.  Some where still in packaging in
boxes as I didn't have room for them.  So it's now time to give them a new home.

Yep this is where they will be sorted and wrapped onto pieces of card,
two sections per drawer :-)
I reckon it is going to take some time!!!!!

Sofa crafting (oops I mean resting!!!).  The bags are were I have
been sorting some ribbons from the dining room into colour
co-ordinated bags, which means I can grab a bag in the evening and
sort them on pieces of card.  I reckon this will take some time
so sorting them in bags mean they can come off the dining room
table and be stored in the craft room.  It also means if I need some
ribbon I can just look in a bag.  As hopefully by the end of the week I can
be allowed in the craft room to do some crafting instead of relaxing lol.
I also have some crochet on the go and some colouring out :-)

This is how my desk looks, yep dumped on.  I was hoping to have cleared up
before Monday but it didn't happen so no worries.  Shall 
tidy it up by the end of the week, well actually I mean dump bits in piles
to make it look neater until I have a home for things :-)

 Three jars left to take away upstairs.  Our house has ground floor, floor 1 and floor 2,
so my craft room is on floor 2 but I need the jars to go up one floor to put
in the loft.  Daughter has finished her exams and is doing extra jobs
for money for summer so guess you know who was marching
up up the stairs as we call it lol

Right I'm off to bed, I have spent a few nights sleeping downstairs as I couldn't get up up stairs but tonight that's where I'm heading, good old bed so comfy.  But on the way I thought I would stop off and nip my computer on so I could share with you all.
I have so much of you to catch up on, I'm so sorry if you think I have been ignoring you all, but seriously just trying to live day to day and being morphined out, well I just haven't been able to catch up with you all.  I shall be visiting over the next few dates and seeing what you have all been up to.
Love you loads, lots of hugs, Kezzy xxxxx


Nikki said...

Wow that is alot of stash to sort thru have fun with it and hope your back heals up soon so you can get into your craft room hugs Nikki #16

April said...

Wow - can I borrow some ribbon? LOL I hope the injection makes your back feel better soon.
April #107

Lin said...

Wow Kezzy loads of ribbon!! Poor you I hope your backs starts to feel better soon!! and don't over do it!!

Julie Lee said...

I so missed you, Kezzy. I thought maybe it was your back: I do hope it starts to feel better soon, but take it easy and don't try to do too much. I wish I could come and help you tidy up, but I expect it would take me ages because I would have to give everything a little try to see how it worked and I'd end up doing more crafting than tidying!!! Many many get well hugs, Julie Ann xx #55

Debs said...

omg how much ribbon do you need?! lol
hope your back is better soon xx

Annie said...

So glad to see you here today [or yesterday :-) ]. Glad those injections are all done for you and good to see you are resting!!! I am seriously impressed with all your ribbons and would love an hour or two playing with all those :-)
Please look after yourself and allow your body time to heal.
Biggest hugs,
Annie x

Spyder said...

well what a crafty space you have!! I have those jars, from Tesco's They were £1 and then they doubled the price and slowly I think they've come down to £1.20 now, they must have been selling a few to crafters and thought, oh, put them up! Make a profit! Hope you're feeling a lot better....and I'd like to borrow some ribbon too! Have a great crafty week!! HappY WOyWw


Twiglet said...

I hope you are soon feeling better and able to enjoy your crafting - such a lot of fab stuff to play with. x Jo

rachel said...

good idea to sort out Kerry but maybe you should have some proper rest - I know its impossible when surrounded by reminders of things to be done!! Hope you feel more mobile soon! Hugs Rachel x

butterfly said...

Do hope the meds sort your back out - sounds awful... Good luck with sorting all that ribbon too!
Alison x

Monique said...

Wow that's a lot of stash. Love your workspace.
Happy late WOYWW
xx Monique #106

Cazzy said...

Hi Kezzy, you possibly have more ribbons than I do!

Sorry to hear you are suffering so much right now, I hope it eases.

My sciatica went for a few days then came back with a vengence last night, but hope it was a one off!

Cazzy x #123

Krisha said...

Meds are great, but do take it easy. Getting tidy can be hard on that back.
Krisha #5

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I hope you get better soon. I hope the meds help. It's been so long since you felt right. But I'm glad to see you can actually do something constructive craft wise while "resting." Happy WOYWW from #2.