Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Paperartsy Inspiration Challenge - Linda Cain

Hi all, just popping on to show you what I have been playing with this evening after being inspired by Linda Cain over at the Paperartsy Blog.  She has been playing with bright colours distress inks and some of the gorgeous stamps by Jo Firth Young which you can buy over at the Paperartsy Shop :-).
Now I really am going to have a go at using the distress inks but tonight I wanted to keep playing with Fresco paints, they are truly amazing and I have just ordered another 5 colours (plus the gorgeous Lin Brown's new stamps).  Anyway I have been doing a short online course on colour theory and wow I can't believe all you can do with paints and the colours you can make.  So tonight I got experimenting and these are some of the colours I got and then further down my tag, which I really am pleased with, I'm certainly getting a little bit better at blending and when sanded looks awesome :-)

Just messing with colours I had in my fresco range, 
well actually I only used a few colours here, I have
come to the conclusion that colours are like numbers
they never end lol

Close Ups
Now if you look closely to the right hand side, the last leaf with
zigzags, the colour orange seems quite deep in that area, this 
was a mistake, I'm learning how to use my white pens I had
done the area, but decided to go over it, big mistake, I kept
pressing to get more ink out and wham white ink everywhere, I managed
to get most of it off with a baby wipe and careful scrubbing!! but
I thought it was ruined, but I then thought I would have a got at
repairing with fresco paints over the white and it's not too bad lol

The mixed greens, blues and pinks look really stunning
on this picture, I'm in love.  I have ordered sky blue and a lighter
green which I think may be a bit like these colours

Right I need to go to bed, I so wanted to finish this and it's been really relaxing painting, it's like when I'm colouring.  I have to admit I'm better with promarkers then painting but it's not too bad.
Happy Crafting to all
Hugs Kezzy xxx


Helen said...

This looks fabulous with the fresco's. I am glad it's not just me that has that happen with a white pen... big blobs everywhere, lol!! Glad you rescued it, this tag looks gorgeous.

butterfly said...

Gorgeous Kerry... love the white doodling against all that magical colour!
Alison x

Helen said...

Hi, again - thanks for your comment - I used all sorts! Zesty Zing,claret, inky pool mermaid (and inky pool again on top) rusty rose and some others!! the white sharpie I got at craft obsessions - http://www.craftobsessions.co.uk/pens-pencils/sharpie-fine-pens it is brilliant!

Rossella said...

Stunning tag with fabulous colours
Rodie x

Trish said...

That is really stunning paint background! Very impressed. Your patch-up job worked perfectly!

Craftyfield said...

The fresco paints are just as effective as the distress...should have used those myself and save me some trouble ! Pesky gel pens ? yes me too... The result is beautiful.

Sue said...

This is wonderful Kezzy, the colours are perfect and look so good with these stamps. I can't get on with white pens either lol x

Gillian .... said...

So beautiful, I love your blending of colours and choice of colours too,thanks for being inspired to play along.