Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Hi all, hope your all ok and having a fab week.  Just quickly popping on to show my sofa craft and craft desk, wondering what I'm on about then pop on over to Julia's Blog and join in with the Wednesday craze lol.  I'm really sorry I didn't get around many desks last week as I was trying to sort out for this weeks resting period.  I'm feeling really rough as they had a few hiccups with one of the injections on Monday so I can't move very well, but it will be worth it soon lol.  I wanted to put this up early as the rest of the day I shall be sofa crafting and blog hopping looking at desks, such a hard life lol!!!  Mind you it is annoying when you can't do much for 5 days and your relying on a Man and one 13 old lad and a really really helpful 15 year old daughter, poor thing I think she is realising men don't quite know how to cope with women's work lol lol lol.

Sofa crafting, sorting out promarkers, colouring, and reading mags.

Left over stamps after preparing colouring on Sunday for
sofa craft.  The tag is what I made last night on sofa, I asked
OH to grab a few bits, what he bought down I didn't think
I could do anything with as it was very mismatched, but
it's amazing what crafter's can do with a bit of stash lol

Right I really need to go as I'm feeling like I really need to sit, not sure I should have struggled putting washing out doh!!!  I will be around visiting desk today on my tablet/ipady thingy, so be AWARE if the commenting is coming out with spelling mistakes or sounds like a load of blah blah blah, the 1. I'm on really decent pain relief and 2. my fingers seems to go faster then the tablet thingy which means lots of letters can get missed out, love it and it's great for browsing, but for typing on the screen, my fingers seem to be monsters compared to the letters on screen that you have to press lol.  I'm going as I'm waffling.........
Thanks for looking, happy woyww :-) Kezzy xxx


Annie said...

Bless you. Put your feet up and don't watch if the men are doing your jobs cos they never do them quite the way we do do they? :-)
Speedy healing and enjoy the feet up time while you can.
A x #53

Twiglet said...

Hope you are soon back on top form and feeling good. Take care. x Jo

Unknown said...

Not sure what injections you received, I just received my second hip injection last week. I know what you mean about relying on a husband and teenagers,lol... #100

CraftygasheadZo said...

You rest up and take care. Your sofa desk looks like my kind of crafty heaven! Take care & enjoy WOYWW, working my way through the list as usual! Zo xx 66

Helen said...

Sounds like you're in the wars, hope you can take it easy! helen, 4

Anonymous said...

You just can't keep a crafter down that's for sure, hope things start kicking in for you and you begin ti feel more mobile again soon. Lol to your daughter!! Poor thing, there's a good life lesson learned early!

Brenda 110

Miriam said...

Lovely box of promarkers. Hope you get to rest.

May said...

well wishes on the way to you!!! I do hope you feel better soon, and back on top form in the near future... Hugs May x x x#26

Anonymous said...

Love your desk.Here's hoping yo're soon back on top of things.
Judy #49

Julia Dunnit said...

I hope a day further on you're starting to feel a bit better, and maybe even a bit of benefit from the huge injection...poor you, how frustrating..I always hetmy best ideas when I can't get to my desk! Love the tag you're working on, pretty colours...that stamp set is delish!

Monica said...

like your mobile desk! Carry on sofa crafting and tell yourself this too shall pass. Men where never intended to console but they try. "Thanks heavens for little girls"

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Well here it is nearly Saturday in your world, so I hope by now you are feeling better. I really like that sofa desk.

I've played a game with myself before and picked several colors with my eyes closed. I forced myself to use those colors and nothing else in my art. It is sometimes some of the best art I've made.

Get better, dear friend. Those injections sound like MURDER!! So glad I got to visit this week, since I was gone last week.

Happy belated WOYWW from number 5.

Eliza said...

You are doing a great job considering you are getting others to supply you what they think you want LOL Rest and have a good break, sorry you are so poorly. Dont you love promarkers, they are so easy to use.

Eliza #19

Morti said...

Oh Bless, Kezzy! Hope you're feeling a lot better soon. Sofa craft sounds like fun and I'm glad to finally put a name to what I get up to in the evenings! I can't really justify just sitting and watching telly when I have so many things I want to do, so I sit and stitch or catch up on mags too.

As for the mistakes, one of my friends is dyslexic, and in her forum signature she has "all smelling pistakes are left in for your amusement". So, any mistakes you make will just make us smile, not frown!

Keep well

Morti #28

Eliza said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly, I do hope the sofa craft helps you.

Eliza #49