Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Hi all, how are you?  I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who sent my way some lovely comments about my daughter and her new diagnosis of ceoliac disease, I certainly feel alot better hearing all your wonderful stories and feel confident that she will be able to live normally and healthy.  Also just letting you know that the dog is alot better and the blood results came back fine and me, well obviously I can't help the pain at the moment but sharing with my crafty friends really help and also makes me realise that I'm really lucky that I have craft in my life.
Blog Candy - I hope you all don't mind but I have added another week on the my blog candy, if you already commented last week you will be included and if you comment on this week woyww you will be included twice :-), I decided to give it another week as I realised that I hadn't shown my other followers that don't join woyww that I had blog candy so now it sits as first post for the next week, so anyone commenting on there will also be included, also I didn't get manage to get around everyone in woyww to tell them all about it.
My sister has been wanting me to make bollywood style jewellery for a party, so after spending loads of time searching and planning, I was on the bead site just about to order £30 worth of beads for delivery tomorrow as she wants it in a week and a half, when she phoned and told me to hold fire as she doesn't want to go anymore as she is not happy about what table she is sitting at!!!!!  Thank goodness I didn't order them, I' a bit upset as I was looking forward to the piece I had decided to do and already had spent £22 on bits for it, but you know sisters lol, I love her to bits and I bet she ends up changing her mind about 3 days before lol.
So my desk this week, a card I was working on that I think I ruined with too many butterfly's lol and on the other desk a pile of stamps that I'm going to use for less is more sketch challenge, and also a pile of stamps from banana frog that has closed down now and I got stamps for £2.50 a set bargain, and some I have won giveaways from magazines and a few that I bought when I was buying candy, I really need to sort them all, it's like all the ones you saw last week in a pile, new stamps from Christmas that I'm not using as I haven't filed them so I keep forgetting them how bad is that lol.
The pic on the side is a card I was casing for the Just Add Kathy challenge and all together I found 14 butterfly's in punches and dies lol, but non seemed the right size lol.
If your wondering what I'm harping on about press the woyww button on the sidebar and be transported to Julias blog and join in with whats on your workdesk Wednesday, I would certainly encourage anybody to have a go, I started here a year ago when I first started my blog and it's through here that I met some wonderful people.  Also Julia is famous, her blog is in the Craft Stamper magazine this month :-) a big congrats to Julia.
Right I'm off as I need to nip into the office at work and pick up the wage sheets, they really get funny if I don't pay the staff lol, mind you I'm included in that staff so I make sure they are paid every week lol lol.
Hope you all have a fantastic crafty week.  Lots of Hugs Kezzy xxx


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Kezzy, ah you are having fun there and yes glad that things are looking brighter this week praying they continue that way and smiled at too many butterflies - did like the one on the left, thanks so much for sharing. Happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #21

Victoria said...

gorgeos butterfly card

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you sound more positive this week! And don't worry about the beads, it's all crafty stash, just as long as your sister doesn't change her mind the night before the party lol!! Love the butterfly card, but I think I'd lose the four butterflies on the bottom right,not sure if it's possible to get them off now. Love the colours though.

Brenda 115

Anonymous said...

Hi, glad to hear you are sounding so much happier this week and feeling more positive about your daughter living with ceoliac disease. Also what a bonus that doggies results came back clear. I can see you have a really busy busy desk today and not too many flutterbys, isn't it great getting a crafty bargain but as you say organising the purchases is not so good. Good job you didn't buy those beads, I hope you can make use of the other stash you bought. Have a lovely Wednesday. Laura

CraftygasheadZo said...

Thanks for sharing. Hope you enjoy this WOYWW. Zo x 89

Lavinia said...

So good to here your Daughter has been sorted out! Now you know the diagnosis they can finally treat her properly. I quite like the butterfly card! have great week!

l00pyscraftcreations said...

lovely creative area, xx Happy WOYWW hun, hoping to get to post on blogs this week, as it didnt let me last week!!

Lou P

The Artful Diva said...

Glad to hear everyone is healthy and that you're working on your crafts once again - enjoy!

Karen said...

Hello Kezzy you like you are having lots of crafty fun, I love all those butterflies, they are really pretty :) I am glad you and your Daughter feel happier this week and I hope things continue to improve for you both :)

I have added my name to your followers, I hope that's okay??

Have a fab WOYWW and a great week, Karen #108

505whimsygirl said...

Hi there Kezzy,

I don't think there can be too many butterflies - can there?!?

Good news on the health front for your four legged friend. I'm hoping your daughter continues to improve.


Lou said...

I think the butterfly card looks just fab, and great that the dog is better and that you feel more confident about your daughters illness, craft is a good thing to have in our lives! arghhhh about the beads but i am sure you will find a good use for the bits you have ordered, i don't have sisters i have 3 brothers but some lovely sister-in laws, hope you have a great week Lou @#26

shazsilverwolf said...

Its good that you have a diagnosis for your daughter, my granddaughter was diagnosed last year, they have just found its a little awkward eating out, but gebnerally there is such a wide selection of foods now, its not much of a problem at home.Have a great week, Shaz

Annie said...

Love the butterfly card. Glad to hear you are feeling more positive with your daughters diagnosis. I'm sure you will win. :-)
A x

May said...

Love the butterfly card, and glad to hear thing are begining to settle with your daughter, it was nice to hear you are a little more positive as we all understand what a great worry this time has been for you, Have a agreat week, Hugs May x x x x

okienurse said...

great looking desk this week. Love the card! I am glad to hear that is is celiac disease...much easier to manage then a lot of other things. I am offering up some blog candy so come leave a comment on my blog and get a chance to win! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #90

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Sounds like a more positive week all round - I'm so pleased for you after the worrying time you've had recently.
Is there such a thing as too many butterflies?? Lol
Hugs, LLJ #68

Lisa-Jane said...

No such thing as too many butterflies in my opinion! I think it looks wonderful.

scrappymo! said...

A flutter of butterflies...I love it!!!

Julia Dunnit said...

That card is lovely, so cheerful. Fancy being able to summon up fifteen butterfly styles. Do you know, Im not even going to try that game! You're very swwet to talk about fame..her I am on Friday and I think the fifteen minutes are about up was lovely!!

Unknown said...

Lot's of lovely stuff on that desk!
I'm working my way through this weeks WOYWW - I’m over half way through now!


Danielle said...

Lots of stamping goodies! I love your card! Can you ever really have too many butterflies?

Danielle #22