Wednesday, 14 December 2011

WOYWW 132 and JUST ADD INK (under woyww)

WOYWW  (Just Add Ink after)
Hi all, I'm really really late this evening and also I have a card to put in a challenge below so if your from woyww read from here or just add ink scroll down a bit, sorry I'm doing this together but the last 24 hrs has been a tad bit stressful, my daughter has been having problems with abdominal pain on and off for months, than last week it started but hasn't gone, the doctors think its constipation even though she is going, but last night the pain was really severe and we ended up in A&E all night with suspected appendicitis, but thankfully its not and they think it might be her ovaries so she is being sent for an emergency scan hopefully within this next week, it couldn't be done there as they can't scan unless its an emergency!!!  So I'm really really late, so I have many pics, of desk this morning before card, other desk taken not long ago, my disastrous sewing experience earlier yesterday and part 1 of my craft room decs (others are in the process of being put up), and wow if your wondering what I'm waffling about than pop on over to Julia's blog to see lots of pics of wonderful desks and a lot less waffling lol lol.  Right I shall get on with the desks ........ oops just before that look I have reached 30 followers, gone over hundred posts and got new blinkys (just add ink I won and crafts 4 eternity I was in the top 3).  So in January when christmas has been packed away I shall be doing some candy (my very first), ok ok so now onto my desk .........

                                             This mornings desk before card was finished

This evenings other desk, the cards on the upper left is what I did a few months ago for papercraft inspirations, they are out on the desk as I have a few orders from them.  The card on the right is from Margaret who I introduced to craft late last year just before she retired from our workplace, she still pops in to work with the kids and hasn't she done wonderful, the card is beautiful.

My disastrous sewing, in the above pic of my desk is the winter special craft magazine, and in there is a project of doing a fabric wall hanging with Velcro fabric bits to add on, well (Annie and Jan look away now lol) I gave up, I so need to practise sewing, what a mess I made, I'm making some craft new year resolutions this year and one of them is definitely practise sewing on my machine.

My OH is a mega lighting tech, he used to do lighting for gigs, his done Take That, Eminem, Kyle, anyway he doesn't do it now, he gave it up about 8 years ago as doing alot of that work including festivals etc needs young blood lol lol, so I'm off again, anyway we get to have lighting everywhere so I shall be taking some pics this week.  The other side is by craft Christmas tree which is lighted but not yet decorated lol.

Just Add Ink
Ok so that's woyww done and I'm now going onto this weeks challenge at Just Add Ink which is this inspiration photo
wow how gorgeous are those, and you should see the Design Teams cards they are fab.  Also notice my winning blinky for last weeks challenge :-) and my card, I wanted to do a Christmas card and I found this non Christmas paper in those colours and knew I had to do something with it.  Edit oops missed the challenge :-(

So a big thank you for putting up with me through this long post.  I hope you all have a fantastic crafty week, and I so need to finish my shopping lol.  Thanks for sharing. Kezzy xxx

Paper and Card - My Minds Eye (ooh la la beautiful morning) Woodward (ribbed kraft cardstock)
Letters - Authentique (petite type square)
Dies - Sizzix (framelets stamp and die Hero reindeers)
Buttons and Gems


l00pyscraftcreations said...

Oh wionderful, I was given some " Magic Tape" the other day, and was wondering how to use it, as hubby has several hundred feet of it tucked away under the stairs!! He's a plasterer and its called Skrim tape, which is @3 for 100ft!

but I shall now endeavour to incorporate it into my carfting, sorry you missed the challenge hun
Bit late getting on this week due to various disasters, but belated happy WOYWW
Lou #102

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh the stress, you and your poor daughter, I do hope they can scan and sort it very soon, it's so unfair. Loving the light show..and another fab card, what a great take on the challenge. (and don't you just love those Tiffany bags!!)

Annie said...

Your sewing is nothing to be ashamed of :-) As they say pratise makes perfect. Keep at it and please shout if I can help at all.
Really do hope your daughter gets sorted really soon so she is well for christmas.
Sending you big hugs,
A x

Anonymous said...

I hope your daughter will be feeling better soon, would hate the holidays to go by with her feeling under the weather! keep trying with the sewing...I could use the practice too!

okienurse said...

sorry to hear your daughter is still ill! Even here in the states it takes forever to get scans and ultrasounds done unless you are knocking on deaths door! Sad state of affairs. Nice looking desk this week. Lots of fun things. I am like you I need to practice on using my machine cause I haven't sewn in years! Have a great week and Happy Holidays! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #35

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Thank you so much for my bee-yoo-ti-ful button Christmas card!! I was so surprised and pleased to get it when I popped over to Julia's yesterday. That was really thoughtful of you and I'm very touched that you sent it. It's even more lovely than in the pics and is one I shall keep :) I see you've done another extremely cute button card today, you are very clever!
Sewing. You're doing fine, it looks good and we all have to start somewhere! That was me 18 months ago when I hadn't sewn since school. Have fun, that's the main thing!
I sincerely hope they manage to sort out your daughter's health. Fingers crossed (and toes, and everything else) that it's something that can be easily sorted..
Hugs, LLJan #34 xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Actually, I think you are a GREAT seamstress. I can't sew, I just dabble with quiltlets.

I hope the doctors learn what is wrong with your daughter. This isn't the time of year for illness. Sorry I'm late, yet again.

May said...

I hope your daughter is feeling a bit better, and they hurry with the scan, your desk looks great, Hugs May x x x

Shirley Pumpkin said...

Sorry to hear you missed that challenge.... I have done that so many times. Make my card do the post then go to put it up... and Bam! It was closed an hour or a day before!! Glad to hear I am not the only one. Happy WOYWW!

Shirley #63