Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Hi to all woyww's out there, if you would like to snoop around some fantastic desks jump on over to Julia's Blog.  I'm afraid I haven't got too much to offer, as last Thursday - Saturday I kept feeling dizzy as if I was on a different planet (which normally I am in my own little world), then from Saturday onwards I have had constant drone in my ear. Monday I went to see the docs thinking I'm going mad as I was hearing this noise (luckily not voices) and basically I have a virus (like cold symptoms throat, nose etc) which has gave me Labyrinthistis and blocked Eustachian tube (the laby whatever is inflammation of the inner ear which gives you vertigo and tinnitus and blocked tube gives you popping noises and tinnitus).  To be honest I have had a very very, touch wood in all the house, mild version of the labyrinthistis as reading up on it, says some people it can give really bad vertigo for years.  So as you can imagine crafting has been a bit lack of, (I kept away from anything pointy as I might stab my ear with it lol).  I feel very sorry and have huge respect for people living with tinnitus full time.
OK definitely finished with the sicky icky bits lol.

I have been playing around with my cricut hooked up to my computer so I can try cutting other svg's which I bought from my time made easy using sure cuts a lot, I also bought digi papers from there in black and white which I have been colouring on the computer (purple and orange for halloween).
I have got crimbo bits out so I could try and get some inspiration, I'm loving the Molly Blooms I got, the box to your left is full of embellishments made from card/chipboard etc and the trays are full of fabric,metal,plastics,felt and wooden embellishments, to the left is the new stampin up stamps I just received and at the back are some new paper pads for crimbo and my crimbo ribbon jar which I raided to match bits up.  So no real crafting been done, just alot of playing.
Hope you all have a healthy crafty week, I would like to say a bit hello to a new follower HELLO.  Thanks for sharing. Kezzy xxx


Neet said...

So sorry to hear you have had labrynthitis - I can imagine how horrid it is. A friend of mine had to retire from work as a result of having it. Glad you are starting to feel better.
Love your busy desk and good luck with the Cricut stuff.
Thanks so much for sharing - Hugs, Neet #1

jude said...

I can sympathise hubby had that for about 8 weeks it is not nice thats for sure.Sending big hugs for speedy recovery.Take it easy
Have wonderful wedensday and creative week ahead Hugs Judex 16

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Hope you feel better soon. I've still not used my Cricut Imagine I've had 3 months wish I knew what I was doing with it!! Love all those Molly Blooms I really like them but haven't got any - yet!! Take care xx

Annie said...

Really hope the ears improve very soon for you cos it's such a horrid feeling. Love all the promise of crafting on your desk today.
A x

Julia Dunnit said...

Aw poor you - any ear problem is horrid - know what you mean about staying away from sharp things! Nice to see a cricut in use..mine is well, dusty!
About the dies on my For Sale blog - all suitable for Big Shot, no problemo.

Neil said...

Hope you feel better soon, your place looks like a busy creative place so I hope you get back to it soon


Arh pants. Hope they could give you some drugs and it all clears up soon. I have suffered from tinnitus since I had my boy, it gets really bad when I am stressed. I had my head stuck inside an MRI machine to see if something can be done alas no :(

CLaire said...

I came over from ms dunnit's.. your work space looks ready for lots of crafting... I wiah mine was..
Hope you feel better soon
Claire #59

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I've had something similar which comes and goes. Here's what helps me. Steam inhalation with a towel over your head, looks stupid but it works esp with olbas oil in the water. Loosens the gunk in your sinuses. And google Brandt Doroff exercises. They're meant for someone with positional vertigo, like what I've got, but they help any vertigo problems.
Hope that helps!
Hugs, LLJ #41 xx

Bridget Larsen said...

Bridget #28 I just got myself a cricut and have not used it yet, I will have to try and find out how to get or where to get and how to use those svgs that everyones talks about

Angie said...

So sorry you have been unwell hope you are sorted soon ...feeling giddy etc is no fun.

...but fun is what your desk is I would love to rummage amongst your xmas stash. xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're under the weather, tinnitus sucks, I live with it 24/7, the ringing in my ears is always there as a background. Generally I'm only really aware of it when I lay down in bed and night and it's really quiet. It's 100% worse when I'm stressed about something. Anyway, love all your Christmas bits and bobs, especially those Molly Blooms! Hope you're feeling better soon and can get to it!

Brenda 86

famfa said...

Sounds awful. Poor you. Lovely things on your desk though.

Jo said...

Sorry to hear you're ill - get well soon - your desk needs you!
Jo x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I admit I have never heard of the lab thingy you have. At first, I thought you were talking about a DOG! I'm such a dufus and had to reread the beginning to make sure. So, please get better soon.

You may be sick, but you have done more this week than I have. I am in awe of your cricut. I bet you get a lot of good out of it this Christmas, too. Happy WOYWW from # 2.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

OK, now I get it. I have this horrible ringing in my ears all the time and never knew what it was or why. I think I've had it all my life. I guess I thought everyone had it.

l00pyscraftcreations said...

OOh sorry hun, I had the one that made the body think the floor was moving, not too long ago, boy did I FEEL SICK!!
Shame as that crafty stash is just crying out to be used,
get better soon
Lou P #124

Marjo said...

Lovin your pics and workspace ...yikes on the being careful with any sharp crafting tools for sure!!

sending you some hugs, xoxo Marjo

JoZart Designs said...

Poor you, I suffer with it periodically and never go anywhere without the beta-histamines the doc gives me. They work like magic so I hope you get them too.
I'm better on a ship in a storm than when I get L/itis!
I always have the radio on which helps your mind to ignore the tinnitus.
Great to see you can keep busy nonetheless and I hope you get back to normal ASAP!
JoZarty xxx

Elizabeth said...

Sorry to hear you are not so well. My DH has just got over having vertigo caused by a virus and it was very distressing to see him so poorly I must say ... however, he's fine now. Tinnitus is no fun either ... I have it in my right ear. Anyway, love the look of all your Christmas goodies and the Molly Blooms ... that's an impressive selection of paper pads too. Here's to a better week for you. Elizabeth x #55

Sarah said...

Glad you sorted out the cause of it all - not nice at all I'm sure! Enjoy yourself now with those wonderful Festive images and goodies!

Robin Panzer Art said...

Hope you feel better soon, vertigo is no fun! Cricutter is very cool! ~Happy WOYWW #118 Robin Panzer Art!

Shoshi said...

Sorry to hear how poorly you are - that sounds horrible. I've never used my Cricut with cartridges but always with the computer - you have to be careful not to update your firmware if you want to use SCAL or Make The Cut as the Provocraft lawsuit against these software manufacturers has blocked their use... grrrr. Actually I'm fed up with my Cricut because it ins't accruate enough and I'm hoping to trade it in once I can afford enough for a Black Cat Lynx!!! Happy belated WOYWW, Shoshi #97

Bridget Larsen said...

I hope you are now better,thanks for your comments on my blog about the svg's still double dutch to me lol. I need a thorough tutorial.
Looking forward to tomororw WOYWW, I am totally loving this Wednesday look and tell/see.
Bridget #28 (last weeks)