Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Good morning, it's Wednesday again and its time to fly over to Julia's blog, to participate in the biggest worldwide desk sharing weekly event.  I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who wished me well last week.  I'm just about getting over it and can't wait to catch up with crafting.  The good news the procedure seems to be working and I have no pain in my legs, my back though is still hurting, but who cares, I can walk without the crutch and can't wait to go out and walk walk walk.  To be honest I don't think its going to help my back that much, it didn't in March but it did give me 6 weeks of pain free legs so I feel blessed at being able to do that.

So my desk hasn't changed that much except I did do some sofa craft of putting my unmounted stamps on mount and going through my promarkers seeing which colours blend well together so what you see on my desk is where they have been dumped by the kids when I asked them to bring them upstairs lol.
and the pic below is where I put my promarkers, I was going to put them away but didn't still feel too great
Had a better sleep last night, the night before my 10 year old dog Jasmine (alsation cross labrador) wouldn't stop going for a pee, in the end I let poor OH go to bed as he had work and I was still on sick leave, and ended up having to leave the door open all night and me on sofa, I kept thinking someone was going to come in and the wind was blowing, but before OH went to bed we tried closing it, but she wanted to go out 14 times in 35 mins. Bless her alnight she kept coming to me wining as she was knackered. Anyway OH took said dog to vets yesterday morning and voila she has cystitis, I never thought dogs could get that.  Last night the medication was working so I got better sleep.
One thing I love about blogging is being able to share with everyone and it makes me feel good.  At the beginning of August I found 2 rocking horse charms and couldn't help but buy them as I knew that Bleubeard and Elizabeth collected them.  I contacted her and asked if she minded if my rocking horses could join its family over with her and arranged to send them.  She was lovely and kept letting me know that they hadn't arrived and to be honest I thought they had got lost in the post, so ever since September I have continued to go to the garden centre where I got them and over the last 5 times I have nipped in they haven't had any.  But Monday night I got a beautiful message from her saying they had arrived (one minus a head!), and she told me how grateful and how it has made her feel happy.  That message is the best feeling I had, its sometimes those little things mean more than lots of money etc.  They wasn't expensive just 50p each and it was the first time I had sent abroad so sent it mega snail pace and only paid £1.80 (thinking it would be there in a week lol).  Nowadays £2.30 wouldn't even get you a box of chocolates, but I feel that I have sent over flowers, chocolates and a hug to her by this little thought and feel fantastic for it.  I'm not saying that I go out buying things, I'm just trying to express that a card you have made or a hug or phone call can go a long way and make someone feel great.  She is showing them on her blog today so if you would like to meet the newest members of the family nip on over there on the link above.
Thank you so much for sharing, I'm sorry I have woffled on but it was so nice to chat to everyone out there seems I've been away from it all for a week.  Hope you all have a fab crafty week.  Kezzy xxx


Helen Pigott said...

Wow look at all those stamps, my fingers are itching just looking at the photograph! Wishing you a creative week ahead.
Rum x

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Lots of lovely stamps there to keep you busy, hope you are feeling better soon xx

Annie said...

Hi Kezzy. So pleased to hear your treatment has helped with mobility. Isn't blogging a wonderful way of getting through difficult times.....and I speak with experience there :-)
Big hugs,
A x

CLaire said...

Hope your feeling better soon... ALL them stamps... I bet that took a long time doing.. kids are say put them away...and dump where there is a space !!


Hope the weather in your neck of the woods is as lovely as it is here for the next few days, walking should be a splendid past-time. Isn't it marvellous that a gesture that doesn't cost the earth can mean soo much to another person. Hope the pooch is right as rain soon.

Neil said...

Hi there. Just a quick peek around the door this week as time is definitely not on my side! I did want to visit though. I saw the horses had arrived! Such thoughtful gestures do mean a lot!
Hope you have a lovely week

Ann B said...

Bet your fingers are sore now with all that cutting - worth it though if you get to play with that lovely rubber. Sorry to hear about your dog - aren't they a worry at times? My little one had an upset tummy the other week and woke me up at 4:30 am to let her out. She went back to sleep in her crate while I stayed awake the rest of the night listening for her.

Debs Willis said...

Bet you had achey hands from cutting all that EZ mount! I hate that job, and always end up saving them up and doing batches, then wishing I had done them one at a time LOL! Still, be great to play with all those new stamps.

Sorry about your dog, they are such a part of the family, aren't they?

hope you feel better soon and up to some crafty time

happy WOYWW

Debs x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Yes, my dear, I AM THRILLED! Can't tell you enough how your generosity has made me feel. Your message about caring and love in this blogland is truly what it is all about.

Now let's get your back feeling better since your legs seem pain free. It's too bad that both can't happen at the same time.

I have to admit, you have more stamps on that table than I own. And truthfully, the ones I do own, I never add the cushiony stuff to the back. I put a repositionable glue on the back of my rubber and wait for it to dry. Then I can use my acrylic blocks, which the rubber sticks quite well to. But I can tell you did an awesome job of cutting the rubber and cushion material, at least from the looks of the photo.

Thank you again for your kindness and generosity. Bleubeard and I both send our wishes for your speedy recovery and a great big USA thank-you!

Sunshine Girl said...

Glad you are feeling better and I hope your dog will be soon too - lovely thought about the rocking horses we can tell she was thrilled!

Julia Dunnit said...

Great job with the to find a real home for them - argh! Good news about how quickly you're experiencing a result after the procedure too - you won't overdo it will you?? And I know what you mean about sending is the best feeling.

Marjo said...

Hi Kezzy,

So glad you are both feeling better, I think that our sweet pets can get a lot of things that we get.

Hope you are having a great WOYWW.

xoxo Marjo

lisa said...

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better Kezzy, it must be so miserable to be in constant pain.
Looks like you have been making good use of your enforced rest by the look of all those stamps.
Take care.
Hugs Lisax

Sarah said...

wow - serious mounting going on there - well done you - it's a boring task but has to be done! Glad you are feeling a bit better! I'm a bit late but thanks for sharing. Sarah at 10