Friday, 30 September 2011

Mojo Montly 3

Mojo monthly is the best thing that has happened to me and my art, and I didn't even know it was happening lol.  Sarah over at her mojo monthly has cleverly made you look and learn different ways of seeing art within yourself.  The first montly mojo was about photos, and how you can make art using photos you take.  I decided to give this a go thinking at least I'd hopefully make so decent photos for cards.  But while taking photos you start to really look at things, objects, colour, placement etc, and the next thing you notice is you suddenly got craft ideas in your head from taking notice of everything around you.  The mojo monthly 2 made you see that you don't have to buy craft items as some everyday items are just as useful, and Sarah made an album/diary from envelopes.  So through that month I started to look and see lots of items I could use, mind you my partner put a stop to nicking the bead chain that attaches the plug!!! I thought it would look great linked through a tag lol.  That month I tried to make something like Sarah's album but to hold photos, and I was really impressed with the background I did, but the envelope ideas I did was awful, and even though I linked it I threw it away except a piece of the background that I could look at to have a go again.  You see, I had tried to copy Sarah's idea but changing it slightly as you don't want to think you have copied it, but it would never look like Sarah's as its her unique take on it.  Mojo monthly 3 was about using your stamps to the max, so this month I decided ok, 90% of my stamps I've never even tried yet, normally I have bought them as I have seen a fantastic card using them but when I get them home and play, I could never get the same look as the magazine so they went unused.  This month at last I have used them for my art, I've done it and I feel like I get it now.  I have always felt like I have always been on one side of the the bridge and all the other artists you see and admire are on the other side, I could never cross that bridge as I didn't know what artist I was, I always wanted to be like all those on the other side.  But this month I have found my art, I have played with so many wonderful stamps that were unused, I have played with different kinds of mediums even some that aren't meant to be for art and I have looked with on with these from the art within myself not what others have done with them.  In September I have entered a birdcage swap and tried the crackle technique and made a wall hanging (my first time), I have made a tag and completely came up with loads of ideas for a background on it, I am currently on a mini Halloween album swap, I have done my first art gift which was a wall hanging for my Sis, the idea came from the craft stamper magazine, Helen Chilton using fabric and embroidery ring, but the rest was my own take on it and I have done lots of challenges on my blog using my stamps, even one of them was a poinsettia wooden stamp which was the very first stamp I had bought 4 years ago and had never used.  I then felt I needed something to actually contribute to the monthly mojo, so I decided to pick one stamp An artistic stamper dotty background stamp and do as many different things I could do with it, to make a wall hanging.  I stamped on tissue paper, ribbon, grunge board, used the stamp in utee and even did a handmade mask by stamping onto acetate then making holes where the dots was on the stamp, which then I used on my project with texture paste.

At last Im finally crossing that bridge, sharing my art with others and at last I can shout out Hi, I'm Kerry and this is the type of art I love.  Please have a go with Mojo Monthly, its a great read on the first of every month, and Sarah even interviews popular artists, have a go and if your a beginner like me, start from the beginning.  You can't get me out of my craft room now, and the mess from creating, well you should look at my woyww posts.  Thank You Sarah and thanks for mojo monthly and I can't wait to carry on and be inspired each month.

Thanks for sharing.  Kezzy xxx

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Sarah said...

Wow! What a post. I am so flattered but more excited to hear you are enjoying new found creative energy and joy in your art. That makes me happy! I love your piece and the bright lively colours, such great textures too. Well done for stepping out and being fearless! Thankyou so much for sharing with My Mojo Monthly. See you tomorrow...