Sunday, 30 November 2014

Paperartsy Challenge - Oh Christmas Tree

Hi ya, yep another week has passed and not blogged. I'm afraid my back was so bad I have only been able to do a few bits. Good news is I had my injections on Friday so now in the must rest period. Not that it's a problem,  I was so bad that they had to give me lots of stuff to knock me out and I'm still sleeping it off. I have been now told that they will make sure that my injections will be within 3 to 4 months so I will never get this bad again.
So I have been working on this project for 3 weeks for the Paperartsy Challenge which I kept getting stuck on, then another designer did a project and I would get more inspiration and carry on. I finished it the day before I went in to hospital so I downloaded the pictures and popped them all on here. So now I can finally stay awake long enough I am writing it up on my Samsung tab.
This was inspired by the following designer's - Wanda Hentges who did an amazing journal page where she stamped into grunge paste and did areas of crackle inbetween.  This is how I did my background.  Ellen Vargo did some gorgeous clean and simple Christmas cards using the petal stamp from her stamp sets, this inspired me for my tree, more on that in a bit as I did lots to it to get it all sparkly (yep I went off on one again which seems always to happen so in the end I can't play in the challenge as it doesn't seem to have any of the designer left in it). Next Liz Borer did this wonderful project Here which made me pick gold for the presents and wording. And before that it was Gillian Simson who reminded me I had Darcys Christmas stamps from Ally Pally which gave me the decoration for the tree.
So hopefully even though my project looks so different I'm hoping that it can still be included.

So on to my project.  It is quite large and
done with all PA stamps and paints.
I have done lots of pics so you can sew all the
different things close up.

The background was spread with grunge paste and stamped
in areas with petal shape from EEV02. When dried I painted it
with Fresco paint tinned peas. Then I added PA crackle medium
in area and when dried I painted vintage lace over the
top. At the end of the project I highlighted the stamping in
grunge paste with Treasure Gold Green Amber and Gold.

The tree was the leaves from EEV04 stamped
on patterned paper that had been painted (pic lower) and the leaves was stamped with tinned peas and hyde park and immediately embossed with WOW clear powder.
Then PA metallic glaze mixed with some satin glaze was painted on top.
The decoration from EDY03 was stamped with plum paint and then immediately embossed with WOW hologram powder.
Gold stickles was added as tiny drops in the middle. Old Gold paint was splashed over and then I added scratchy lines with
a black journal pen. You can see closer pics further down.

The background tree was a bit of a last resort, it needed something extra so I used the pine stamp from ELB10 and
using tinned peas first I did all the stamping. Then I went back and stamped with hyde park, then the metallic glaze mixed with satin glaze and then fern green archival ink. There is a pic later on showing the end result of this. I then splashed old gold paint
and added dots of gold stickles.

The trunk was stamped on the same paper using a stamp from EEV01 with taupe, mud splat and french roast paint and again embossed. All the edges of the tree and trunk was distressed when cut out. The wood was painted with old gold with dabbing motion and then splashed with plum paint lots of it, then dabbed again wirh old gold. I found that (pic further down) that if you shook the bottle,  then added some to your mat and then dabbed in it lots of times gave you bubbles which gave great texture. I also added some doodling with my journal pens. 
The wood is from That Craft Place which I am doing projects for their packaging and the best bit is she would love me to use anything especially PA products.  This is where this project is going, all the way down to Eastbourne :-). 

The background was stamped with the stars from ELB10 woth plum and had the hologram embossing.  The script from ESN11 was stamped with archival plum, the holly swirl from Egg Nog 1 was stamped with archival fern green, the post stamp from Christmas Plate 3 was stamped with Brilliance galaxy gold. Then the hologram embossing powder was added in place.
A piece of PA card stock was painted with plum and then the word box from Egg Nog 1 was stamped and gold embossed a few times. I then cut out the words with there little boxes and added gold promarker around the edges and used a journal pen as well.

The wood star was paonted with plum and the whole star
was covered with the hologram embossing powder. Treasure gold gold was added around the edges and the scratchy lines on top.

This is how I started to plan, the background was finished. 

The background paper had a wash of vintage lace and metallic glaze.

This is the background tree finished. 

The bubbling of the gold, gorgeous texture. 

Right I shall be off. I'm hoping to be back in my craft room tomorrow for some easy crafting.  I have some unfinished bits to finish.  I also have some tutorials to add on here as well.  Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.
Happy Creating :-)
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx


Desire Fourie said...

A gorgeous work of art. Just adore the tree ensemble.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

Craftyfield said...

Lots of lovely texture, gold touches and many great details. A bit of a marathon make that piece... well done!

Julie Lee said...

I'm so sorry to hear your back has been so bad again, Kerry. This is such a beautiful make. Even if it is not exactly like a specific designer's make it is still true to the spirit of PaperArtsy. It is gorgeous! xxx

rachel said...

sorry to hear about your back Kerry - your piece is awesome - love it to pieces! Big hugs to you! Rachel x

Etsuko said...

Very gorgeous panel!! Many fabulous techniques and beautiful details. So lovely project!! xx

Art By Wanda said...

This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I love every part of it!!! Wow!!! And of course it counts. You just have to be inspired and share how you were inspired - which you did - I don't read anywhere that it has to look the same!!!!

butterfly said...

So sorry to hear about your back, Kerry - but glad to hear they're sorting out more frequent injections. Really hope that helps.

Secondly - sorry for weeks and weeks of absence! Life has been full-on, in all sorts of wonderful ways, but I've only been able to dip in to Craftyblogland here and there.

Finally - a huge wow for this amazing textural Christmas tree. Completely inspired to use those leaves to structure it, and I love the layered fir frond stamping. Gorgeous textures throughout - an altogether brilliant make!

It's good to be back!
Alison xx