Saturday, 28 June 2014

Oh So Random

Hi  ya, just popping on to show you some random bits that haven't been blogged yet, they either never made the cut at the time, or I didn't have time to blog them.  I want to keep my blog as like a diary so I wanted to post them on here.  Plus the thing I wanted to pop on isn't dry yet lol so better now then never :-)

These two made me laugh, I had a file on my desktop that says
need to blog and I found these two pictures in it which I believe was for
Wipso's Smile Friday so I would like to enter them there this week.

This was when I was doing end of year accounts for work last year in
May 2013 and I must of had a minute of day dreaming as when
I looked down I had been trying to do origami with the receipts lol
Obviously lack of crafting at the time :-)

Took last year as well, during winter I completely fell in love with these slippers,
shame I struggled to walk in them lol but they do keep my feet warm while
on the computer blogging lol.
Now in our family of four I have a shoe size 5.5, my partner is a 12,
my son who is 15 is a 9 and my daughter who is 17 is a size 10 (oh yes she is tall,
I tell her off while standing on the stairs!!!!).  So you would believe that my shoes/
slippers were safe, NOT likely, you can guarantee that if I leave a pair out one of
them have popped them on to nip out the back or to the bin etc, seriously
I have one pair I now leave out for them to use as they are way to stretched now 
because of them lol lol lol.
BUT nobody has pinched these yet!!!! I wonder why :-)

This was done as part of the DT process for Creative Expressions in Sept 2013,
we were sent some stamps and had to make something with them.

As you all know I started to teach myself crochet last
April 2013 and at Christmas I was asked to make a mini owl cushion
so here he is, I used a pattern from ATERGcrochet her patterns are
from Etsy and you can download the patterns.
I was rather impresses with my first try.  He didn't get a proper picture as
I finished him as she came to pick him up lol.
Of course I now have a mega YARN addiction, yarn, paint, stamps, ribbon
(oh dear the poor bank manager!!!), I have loads of colourful yarn everywhere and
cotton is my favourite :-).

Done this at Christmas 2013 but never got around to blogging it,
bet you have guessed that it was for a gift lol.

Now these were one of my first inky type play plus doodling and 
my first Stampotique stamps, It was from the Craft Stamper Magazine
(oh yes this months came today and I sat with a cuppa, wow it's got loads of wonderful
articles in it) and the article I took it from was one that Kathryn Crane did, I 
now have all her DVD's which I really must start watching and having a go.
Well I have actual watched most of them, but I was ironing at the time so couldn't 
quite join in lol.
These were for my daughters 16th birthday, in October this year she is going to be 18!!!
(and I am going to be 40 in September sssshhhhhhhh)

2 ATC's done last summer 2013.

This ATC was done for a swap March 2014, I had sent it without
taking a picture so the recipient took one for me :-)
Done with my brayer and fresco paints.

A card I did early 2013, I still like to colour but have to admit I don't
do many cute one's anymore, I like to get messy and painty :-)

I did this bracelet for my friend for Christmas 2012.  I really want to try doing
more jewellery and bringing my mixed media into the process.

The finished bracelet :-)

My best mate (the bracelet was for her as well) we have been friends
for years and our kids are the same age.  4 years ago she had Lacie-Lou who
calls me Aunty Kewwie and I love her to bits.  I did this piece with the
help of her kids finding a picture etc and saying what they would like,
it is a candle with their pictures on it which was done I think in 2012 :-)

A necklace done in November 2012 :-)

A watch done at the same time :-)

 Christmas card I did in December 2012 or 2013 not sure!!!!!
It has no paint on it so I reckon it was 2012 :-)

So that's it, all blogged and can be filed away, hope you enjoyed looking at some older projects with a few new ones as well.  Hope you are having a fantastic weekend and that you are having better weather then us lol.
Happy Crafting :-)
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx


Julie Lee said...

I love this post, Kerry Ann - so much fun and creativity! It's such a good idea to blog those things that for whatever reason don't make it into the world sometimes! I love your origami with the accounts; your slippers (I never seem to find slippers I can walk in easily either!) and - ooh, that little crochet owl is so adorable. You are so clever to be able to crochet like that! I really enjoyed this lovely little trip down memory lane! Julie Ann xxx

Julie Lee said...

PS I just went back and saw loads more lovely things I forgot to mention! Love the idea of the candle especially! xxx

butterfly said...

What a lovely catch up post... I love the Christmas gift and card, so pretty - and the brown and blue ATC is fab - but I think my faves are those vividly coloured Stampotique tags - so cool! Hope you have a lovely Sunday!
Alison xx

Annie said...

That's what I call a catch up post Kezzy :-) and it sure did make me smile so thanks for linking up this week.
Annie x

rachel said...

what an amazing selection of makes Kerry - you really are such an amazing crafter and can turn your hand to so many things!!! Clever lady! Big Hugs rachel xx