Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Hi all, can you believe that Christmas is 3 weeks away, actually just under 3 weeks and I have about 3 presents and 1 card that you can see on the desk this week. Yep I have billions and billions to make and buy (yet again I might be over exaggerating lol).  This time next week I shall be in the operating theatre finally having my special injections so shall be on woyww earlier next week :-).  What scares me the most is that I have to be resting 5-7 days, mmmmmmm and when do I get to do the things I need to do!!!  Think internet shopping is going to be my best friend this year lol.  So here I am waffling on, bet your wondering why I'm here, well today is Wednesday which means it's time for my weekly addiction of What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday where all crafter's show their clean/messy organised/chaos desks, well mine is definitely messy chaos this week lol.
Just stopped by the host's Julia blog (link above) to see which woyww week it was and WOW have you seen her festive blog, I really really want to do mine but I am so crap at this things, if anyone knows of a simple way of doing it and would like to share I would really appreciate it :-)  :-)  :-)

This is what was left from last nights card, I really enjoyed
just playing with paper and stamps doing some paper piercing,
it was extremely relaxing.  On the drawers (which now seem
to be another dumping ground) is a pile of stamps I had got out
for some inspiration as I knew I had to get that first card done soon :-)

My other dumping ground lol, you should see me trying to get 
to the sewing machine last night everything was dumped on the
side which then fell done while sewing the card OOPS!! lol
Last night while piling it all back again I got some papers out for some
more inspiration as I really am planning on doing more paper and stamping
as it's so relaxing.  Plus I am addicted to papers and this year
am determined to use some of each range I have.
The Teresa Collins one I used last night was from last year that
I hadn't used yet.  I even have stamps (like a whole set of molly blooms)
from last year that haven't even been inked yet and of course bought
some new ones this year.
Have promised myself that between Christmas and New Year
that I shall still play Christmas so I'm not rushing and I can
also save it until next year. :-) 

Right I better get back to work (working from home), I have actually got to nip into the office today which with my back is always an effort so will have to rest later, how annoying.  Hoping to get around to commenting more this week, I have a new phone which I found out last night makes commenting so much easier and has a huge screen so can see everything clearly, which means now while sofa resting I can do loads of visiting which is fab.  Lots of hugs coming your way, Happy Woyww Kerry xxxxx


Annie said...

One thing last year taught us with having little Lexi in hospital is that Christmas will come and go with a lot less fuss than we usually make and good health is the important thing. NO stressing about being laid up for a few days...just get well.
Biggest healing hugs,
Annie xxx

MiniOwner said...

Laughing at your sewing machine antics! Hope all goes well for you next week and make sure you do relax afterwards won't you? Happy Wednesday :o)
Sue x (MiniOwner @1)

Julia Dunnit said...

OK, even your post suggests that you're in a frenzy of doing stuff! Don't forget to breathe! And remember, the more you do relax, the more intense and productive your craft time will be. As for changing the's much easier than you think...I used a template from LeeLou blogs and she has an idiot proof tutorial. Proof of that is on my blog!

Helen said...

Hope you get sorted... all our desks look very similar at this time of year. Helen, 5

Apryl said...

Those papers you've got laid out there are REALLY nice! Have fun with those!

#11 Apryl

Twiglet said...

Hope all goes well next week. We will be thiking of you. x Jo

Sunshine Girl said...

Nice busy desk there - mine is usually piled high too! Hope all goes well next week. Sunshine Girl no.21

butterfly said...

Lovely, lovely papers, all waiting for you to create more wonders like that fabulous Christmas tree trio! Do hope that you don't fret your way through the enforced rest - make the most of it I say... and there's certainly no shame in Internet shopping! Good luck with the injections... and happy WOYWW!
Alison x

Sally Clum said...

Wishing you the best next week. I had pain management injections many years ago and rarely have any problems with my back unless I really overdo it, which I try hard to avoid! Thanks, too, for showing the sides of your work area for me last week. I like to see how people organize their supplies! Again, good luck!