Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Hi all, got to be really quick as it's my daughters 16th birthday tomorrow, she is having a party this Saturday for family and the following Saturday a sleepover with her mates, so I am in the middle of finishing invitations, trying to decorate the living room for the morning, and eeeeek I don't know lol, need to ring my mate, she is good trying to get me sorted lol.  So it's Wednesday (just lol) which means it's time for my weekly dose of woyww where everyone shares their crafty space, mine is a mess lol. Also a quick mention, I am involved in my very first blog hop and I am giving some candy away as well, if you want to have a peep see the post here.
Invitations drying, all the paper on the table is scrap paper
I use :-)

Complete Mess lol lol lol

I also would like to say that things are calming down a bit at home with my son, I am just about healing from my fall downstairs last week and my daughters broken finger is healing. Thank you all for your support during this tough few weeks, I am just about getting there and slowly managing to cope. :-)
Happy Woyww :-) Hugs Kerry xxx


Jan Hennings said...

Love hoping from blog to blog and having a bit of a snoop :)

Annie said...

You are one busy lady. Love the invitations and really hope the party goes to perfection.....not quite sure why they call it a sleep over though hehe.
Glad life is settling down for you Kerry. Just take one day at a time and you will get there and remember your friends are always here for you.
A x

Helen said...

the invites look very inviting!! your desk doesn't look too messy though,(but maybe that's just my standards!)

Cameron said...

How exciting! I love Birthdays! They are a lot of pressure on us Moms, though, to make them spectacularly memorable!

Gosh 16 years old. My girl is 6, but I know I'll be in your shoes sooner than I can believe!

I'm sure all your planning will tuyrn out wonderfully!

Julia Dunnit said...

I see busy, but not a horrible mess for sure. The invitations are wonderful, who could resist?!! It will be a wonderful weekend..don't stress..!

shazsilverwolf said...

Great shot of your desk, hope the party goes well- best of luck, lol.Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #96

butterfly said...

Hi Kezzy, so glad to hear things are a little calmer at present, and thank you so much for your amazing words you left me. The invitations are looking fab - hope the family party and sleepover are both a blast!
Alison x

Katie said...

The invitations look very cool! I hope your daughter has a wonderful Sweet 16!

Happy WOYWW (on Thursday!)
Katie #121