Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Hi ya, ok I'm late as I thought it was Tuesday!!!  (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it lol), I'm still going through last weeks woyww's wishing everyone a Happy New Year, so this week I will be checking up on two posts lol, I'm determined to wish everyone a fab 2012 even if it takes until December (only joking), actually I have been around a lot of desks already, but I visit while on my sofa with my Ipad equivalent, as my steroids have run out and I'm having a few really bad back days, and last week I have enjoyed all the new christmas stash everyone got, my problem is my ipad thingy is having a few hitches and keeps loosing what I've written after I have pressed make comment, the OH is going to re-install and update it which will hopefully sort out everything. I have been sorting bits and bobs and moved some craft bits around as my craft room is not working for me at the mo, but this sorting will take awhile as I have promised myself to still blog and craft between sorting.  I have got some pics below of my stash I've sorted (well almost sorted), my desk still has bits of unsorted stuff on it, and my other desk has got some fab papers that I'm about to craft with.  I have spent the weekend and the last few days doing my DT work, I found it really hard to start with as I wanted it to be my best work, but obviously there are certain images and themes you have to work with.  Check back on Saturday for my first piece (i'm so excited, I need to learn how to pre time a post so it goes on first thing in the morning, maybe I shall have a word with Julia).  I've now got the woyww link on my sidebar (will have after I do it after this post so if it goes wrong I shall be editing this bit lol lol) so if you would like to share your crafty space than click the woyww and you shall be transported (I hope) to Julia's blog and an assortment of fantastic desks (if you end up anywhere but stamping ground blog than I so have got it wrong).  Right some pics .......
My ribbons and sprays etc are now stored on shelves so I can reach and see them better.

My new storage for promarkers, which the idea has been around
a few blogs which I found while googling, mind you they all got them from
ikea but I don't think they sell them anymore, I went everywhere trying to find some
and ended up getting these from Amazon, if you want to know which they are just
comment me and I shall send a link.  They also fit my sakura pens and aqua markers.
My colouring are altogether now (apart from pencils which are on the shelve under the desk),
I still need to put the promarkers tabs on the dvd's.

These are the papers I'm just about to make a card with
for craft 4 eternity challenge blog which is quotes (I shall
be using boys and their toys quote lol)

Right I'm off to start and finish the card as the challenge runs out tomorrow.  Hope you have a fab crafty week.  Thanks for sharing. xxx


May said...

Love the storage for the promarkes, Mine are in a basket, naughty crafter that I am (lol), love your room, Happy 2012, Hugs May x x x x x x

jude said...

Love your storage for your promarkers would they fit copics...lolAs would love some if they do.Happy Woyww 2012
judex 10

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Great storage for your pens!! Love the papers in the last shot, going to do something cool with them??
Happy New Year!
LLJ #33 xx

Joanne said...

Just love all your storage. Everything to hand makesyou want to craft.
Hugs Joanne xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Aw poor Kezzy, hope your back doesn't stop you too much, will you get the steroids sorted out quite quickly? If I can offer any advice about the DT stuff...relax, you make it harder by putting yourself under pressure to produce your can do it anyway! As for scheduling, it's easy honest. Make your post, then click on POST SETTINGS or the clock symbol. Ue the calendar to select which day it posts, then delet the time and put in the time you want it to post.....24 hour clock with a colon : between hours and minutes...then click ok, brave, click on PUBLISH. It will show your post title on the Posts page, but will have 'scheduled' against the date and time for posting. easier than it sounds, honest! Eme if you have a prob!!

Enfys said...

Love your storage for the PM's, I have never found anything quite perfect for mine.
Happy new year

Katie said...

I think I hear the angels of organization singing :) Fabulous workspace! I hope your back feels better soon.

Katie (138)

Anne said...

Hello I am very late visiting your workspace but have decided to visit everyone this time- it takes a while doesn't it. Love your space and the storage for you pens. Have mine in pots at the moment but not entirely happy with them like that. Hope your back is better (knoew how it feels) Have a Happy and Creative 2012. Anne x

peggy aplSEEDS said...

happy new year to you! i enjoyed my peek of your very organized desk. wow, i love your markers! thanks for sharing! hugs,
peggy aplSEEDS