Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Hi all, I can't believe I have missed 2 weeks of woyww, I'm afraid mojo went on holidays, life got in the way a bit as well when a huge argument parted my best mate and I.  She is the best thing that happened to me out of family life and I feel like I have lost part of myself, worse thing is I should have fought harder and tried to resolve it, but I'm afraid I have always hid away from confrontation which led to more misunderstanding and a lost friendship that will never repair.  Its been 3 weeks tomorrow since it happened and I'm only now trying to get on with things, I so miss her, we used to talk for hours and she always said how it was, she guided me through really tough times and she was and always will be like a sister to me, I love her so much still and it's so hard.
Anyway I shall carry on, I have been trying to spend time in my craft room over the last few days and finally I have got a messy desk to show over at What's on your workdesk Wednesday where everyone shares their creative desks and which is hosted by the amazing Julia :-)

A mess lol, my sewing machine last time I used it (over
3 weeks ago) was playing I'm not working and going to mess
all the back of your work up with meters of cotton, has got
some new needles on it waiting to be changed. Not sure it's going
to solve anything.  If I could have Wipso aka Annie's or Twiglet aka Jo's
mind just for a few hours, oooo the sewing knowledge lol.
Also a pile of bits and bobs, lots of new bits hiding as well, my
partner tried buying me crafty items over the last few
weeks to tempt me back in the craft room :-)
My journal for the alpha challenge over at the craft barn is also lurking,
the maze you see there is actually a printed sheet that I have
piled loads of medium gel on it, then scrubbed all the paper off the back,
it's still got a bit of paper lurking so still needs some finger scrubbing.

A tin lid I am working on for the amazing inspiration
challenges over at Paperartsy and this weeks its designer
Helen Chilton and she has been painting on a tin so I was
instantly inspired to give it a go :-)
All on my desk is me working on that, my desk was
clear this morning for my accounting work and this evening
my back wouldn't allow me a full evening of crafting so 
my desk didn't manage to get too messy.
See the bag on the floor an old rymans bag?  that is full of
stamps waiting to be put in folders, also hidden are piles more,
I really need to get on with it lol

Right I shall be off, I'm slowly trying to get around to visit lots of bloggy mates, so if you could bear with me, and also I will get my 2nd year blog candy sorted soon, I shall be having 2 I think being it 2 years.  One shall be arty as I love canvas, paint etc and the other will be my second love which is cute and girly so keep an eye out over the next few weeks :-)
Happy Woyww :-)
Hugs Kezzy xxx


Katie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the argument. :( Maybe you guys can get some conflict counseling or something*hugs*

Happy WOYWW!

Katie 125

okienurse said...

sorry to hear about the sister and I went almost 6 months without communicating so don't give up hope and think all is lost! Hope you can work it out. Vickie #1

Julia Dunnit said...

Aw Kezzy, no wonder your mojo went missing! It's horrid and hard. Take some time to let the raw edges wear down a bit, a bit of distance always puts an easier to understand perspective on things like this.
Meanwhile, I think you have a tension problem with the sewing machine, although a new sharp needle never hurts...I'm perfectly sure that if you make contact with Wipso or Twiglet they'd be happy to help.

Annie said...

Life throws up these challenges at times doesn't it. Try to shut the door on it and move on. Life is for living.
Feel free to pick my brains any time if I can help with the sewing :-)
A x # 44

Debs Willis said...

Sorry to hear how much you;re missing your friend - and life does get in the way - hope you resolve it somehow


debs #95

Heather Alger said...

Hi, hope things will settle for you in time x
My sewing machine is tucked away in the wardrobe as I am a novice with it. Must pluck up the courage soon to try and create something.
More of a card/ craft and Digi fan.
But seeing all the projects on WOYWW makes me want to learn more too x
Happy WOYWW Heather #46

April Story said...

I am so sorry to hear about you losing your best friend. That happened to me several years ago and it just breaks your heart. I know you will overcome it. April #110

Amy Wright said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling down, I hope things resolve themselves soon.

You're work desk looks great!

Happy WOYWW!

Amy #90

Kelly said...

Hi Kezzy. I'm new to the group but wanted to extend hugs to you over the loss of a friendship. I went through something similar the first week in january. I have no clue what happened. Only that we are no longer friends. It still hurts.

I look forward to your play time results.
Creative Blessings!
Kelly #124