Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Hi all, just popping on to join in with WOYWW over at Julia's fantastic blog.  Just a few bits and bobs on my desk today, mostly preparing bits ready to start lol.  Crafting has lacked for the last few days as life got in the way lol.  The biggest blow was finding out that we might loose our home in 5 years time for a railway to go through!!!!  We get the final decision in around a year, but they are warning us now, hence why crafting was slow while I digested that information!!! I have to try and not keep thinking about it as it's a while off so What will be will be:-)

Desk ................................
My daughters art homework, an ATC drying, a box that I want
to alter for keeping my ATC's in, paper pad I'm planning on using for
a DT piece, plus stamps all stacked up on plastic drawers, 
and a shadow box for a paperartsy challenge.

Dumping desk is not too bad, been trying to put bits
away, for relaxation I have been doing some colouring
so a finished Kenny K image.  Floor a mess
with fabrics and paper that I'm planning on my daughter who
left there to pick up lol lol

So lots to start crafting with tomorrow, so looking forward in getting back into it, mind you I have caught up with some tv lol. I have been blogging over two years now so towards the end of February I'm planning on some candy :-)
Hope your week is extra crafty and happy :-)
Happy Woyww :-)
Hugs Kerry xxxxx


Monica said...

Sounds like you might become "the railway family". hope it is resolved soon.
Monica at128

April Story said...

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. We may not be able to see why at the time, but it ends up being okay. Who knows - you may get a new house with a 'big' craft room in it. :-) April #133

Annie said...

Love Aprils attitude....Can see that huge new craft room on the horizon for you :-).....and I'm guessing you'd still not have space for all the crafty stash.....I think we fill what ever space we've got :-)
A x #57

Shazsilverwolf said...

I fully agree with April, all you can do is go with the flow- it'll happen, or it won't. No good for you stressing.Lets hope they actually let you know sooner rather than later, at least then you can plan. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #74

Redanne said...

Hi Kerry, I do hope that you do not lose your home but as others have said, you may get a bigger craft room! Trouble is, not matter how big it is, like the rest of us you would likely fill it up..... hope the matter gets resolved sooner than expected. Thanks for your visit. Hugs, Anne x #34

SaraJ said...

I have not heard the term dumping desk, but I know exactly what it is, because I have one! lol. Plus the floor.
The train...hmmm. Probably not much you can really do about it, so maybe it's a lesson in wait and see. We never really know how these things are going to work out. Best of luck.
sara j #22

Eliza said...

Hey I have one of those desks beleive it or not LOL but I am ritual in cleaning it off because it is also my cutting desk.

I want to know in a detailed report what is in each and every one of those draws. LOL

Eliza 13

Darnell J Knauss said...

What a cozy nook for creating and taking your mind off major life altering events ahead, Kerry! Best wishes with what's to come ~ it will all work out. I think it's a blessing that they are giving you lots of notice for digesting and planning...and getting excited about a new home!!

Thanks for visiting me earlier! Have a wonderful week! Darnell

Jeanna said...

What big news for you to digest! It seems, though, that you already have a healthy attitude which to process and move forward. Wish you the best with that! And thanks for sharing your work space. ~Jeanna #168

April Story said...

You asked a question about why material on the walls. The room is actually in my basement. My daughter wanted a bigger room. Our basement isn't finished and I don't want it finished because then I would feel obligated to clean it. ;-) So I had the idea - just clean out some space - do make shift walls and she could move down there. You know - carpet remnant on the floor - that kind of thing. Well we got her father involved. Why he didn't just put up dry wall I don't know. So they picked out fabric in Emily's favorite color - purple. The fish fabric was there from when I had my craft area down there before. I guess material is cheaper than drywall and no mudding, sanding, painting. So he put up studs and insulation and shelves and it became her sanctuary. When she moved out - I grabbed it! April #133
P.S. Bet you didn't know I was going to write a book - did ya?