Saturday, 2 February 2013

Craft Barn - C

Hi all, the Craft Barn has a Alpha challenge running and this week it has been C.  I wasn't going to add this journal page as it's really boring to the eye, but to me it has so much meaning.  I have been having a lot of problems recently (2 teenagers at home!!!) and at the moment with other things going on my life seems Complicated, and that is the work I chose.  Also under all the black, cherry and red I have wrote my feelings, then I stamped lonely girl by Dina Wakely and added some dictionary words on how I am feeling as well, and most of all I wrote a lot about how I am finding being a Mum to two teenagers hard as they are both going through issues :-(.  I really want to continue with the challenge so I am adding it, and I'm hoping no one minds how dark it is.

Also after are a few close ups, one of which is the V from last week as I didn't show it so I have to have proof lol, then I hid this weeks C so I have took a picture of the next page as well lol.

Double spread, so you can see dictionary :-)

The dictionary I got for £2.50 from a charity shop which I'm
using, it's so huge and the pages don't soak all the way through which is
brill, I'm planning on continuing with it as well through the year
doing other pages :-)

For Izzy the V (just see it lol)

Right I'm off before I change my mind, been wondering since yesterday if to add it.  Better be off, hope you all have a fantastic Sunday.  Lots of Hugs Kezzy xxx

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Cheryl said...

just love this its one super design and so effective,hugs Cherylxxx