Thursday, 16 November 2017

Dina Wakley 2nd Post and Giveaway

Hi, yes I know, where have I been this last week?  This post should have been just under 2 weeks ago but I'm afraid I came down with the lurgy.  I still have the stupid lurgy but I do feel better in myself.  A bad cold has left my sinuses in a rage and I also have laryngitis, my poor puppy has only heard a voice that sounds like a strangled mouse (yep that was my sister saying!!!! lol).
Today I am back with a journal page using Dina Wakley's products.  Now this time I haven't got a tutorial, I believe this is the only one that doesn't have a full tutorial.  The page today is the left side, as you know I have had a hard year and this page started bright but I could feel a darkness in me, I love colour but I was feeling like my colour was floating away.  The other page as you can see I am beating the darkness and colour is coming back.  This page will be shown in a few days with a full tutorial. :-).  Don't forget I have a total of 6 posts and this is the 2nd one.  If you comment on any of the posts you will have a chance of winning some of the products I have been using (picture at the end of the post).  The rest of the posts shall be over the next two weeks so I can get the winner in the post by beginning of December (eeeeeek can't believe we are there already lol). 

Today I am showing the left page of this journal spread.
The tutorial I have on the right page will be up in a few days
and I tried to use the same techniques to show you how the left
page was done :-).
Product details at the bottom of the post.

Each comment on any of the Dina Wakley posts will be
included in a giveaway, if you comment on each post you get
6 chances :-).

Right I shall be off, I have to give puppy a bath as she is being spade tomorrow.  Yep I am mega nervous as she also has to have her ears excessively plucked and baby teeth removed.

Here she is, my sister got her a jumper for if it gets cold.
I'm not sure that Poppi is impressed lol.
Bye Bye

Product List
Dina Wakley - 
Stencils - graphic shapes, the basics, organic shapes, bullseye, birds, plastic canvas, daisies
Stamps - circle patterns
Paints - gilt, black gesso, lemon, white, magenta, fuchsia, ruby, tangerine, night, sterling
Mediums - white gesso, gel medium
Dina's tools
Scribble Sticks - night
Other - 
Mark Making - ear buds, bubble wrap, fingers, dot brayer
Stencils - The Crafter's Workshop (mini kaleidoscope, mini punchinella)
Dreamweaver Wendy Vecchi translucent embossing paste
Posca paint pen - white


Darcydaydream said...

Love love love this journal page

butterfly said...

I think it's a fantastic double-spread - especially thinking about darkness and colour and how they are battling inside you at the moment. Without the darkness, the light can never be as bright, so there's a drama in allowing that darkness out to play too - and you can't just ignore it. I'm delighted that the colour is brightening in the second half of the page, but I think the darkness makes it all the more beautiful. Hope all goes well for poor Poppi, and I hope you feel much better soon too.
Alison x

Annie said...

Absolutely beautiful pages. I can't decide which I love more. Can't wait for the tutorial.
Thanks, Ann

butterfly said...

Oh, I see... that's why I got confused with post three!! xx

Unknown said...

This is a lovely journal page Kezzy. Hope I can come and craft with you in the new year x

Jamie said...

Love the technique. Also love the contrast between each page. Awesome awesome.

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Just like a positive and negative, side by side you really do take in all that fine detail between the contrast of light and dark.. Fabulous use of Dina's products..
Warm Wishes Tracey x