Monday 25 August 2014

Creative Blog Hop

Good evening, welcome back :-).  This evening I am honoured that I have been tagged as part of the Creative Blog Hop and I was tagged by the ultra amazing Rachel, if you have never visited her before, please do as her work is truly inspiring :-).  This blog hop is past on from crafter to crafter and is about finding out more about each crafter, so here goes lol.

My name is Kerry, but I love being called Kezzy by my friends.  I am a part time
accountant and work from home a lot because I have degenerating Disc Disease which is
really bad and can keep me from getting around sometimes.
I live with my partner Adrian who is an electrical engineer, I also have two children,
Bradley 15 who is working towards getting into Army College next year and
Shannon (almost 18 in a month and a half as I am being regularly reminded!!!)
and she is at college studying gaming, website design, apps etc.
I am 40 next Monday and I think I'm ok with that, but I do keep looking at my kids
thinking I don't feel old enough to have an 15 and 17 year old lol.


Our dog is called Jasmine, she is going to be 13 in October, we love her sooooo much.

My life inspiration is my sister, who is 18years older then me and is amazing,
I'm proud to have her as a sister :-)

My very best mate, I couldn't do without her, she is always there for me :-)
and she is holding her daughter Lacie-Louise who I adore :-).

 We love to camp and here is our tent, as you can see inside on the table is some beading :-)

I started crafting after a break down in 2006.  It was Easter and I felt guilty not being
able to take the kids out, I sent my partner off to the shop to get some kid craft and he came
back with card blanks, papers and gorgeous embellishments, not sure the kids ever got to play lol.

These are my very first cards made Easter 2006


I started my blogging journey in January 2011 and I love everything about it, from sharing
my creations, doing tutorials and step by steps, to meeting so many crafty friends who I have
had the privilege to have met Rachel who tagged me :-).

At the moment I am working on several bits, but the major thing that has slowed my blogging
at the moment is doing a complete craft room change around to make place for all
my mixed media products.  Since working more with paints, mediums etc most have been living
on the desk, floor and hanging off shelves lol.  I have to admit I didn't realise how big a job this has been
and I have had to buy way more storage eeeeek.

My Craft Room in a state lol
As you can see I have loads to still do eeeeeeeeeeeek :-)

I am also working on ...........
Project 1 (a guest designer post)

Project 2 (in my spare time)

Project 3 (learning to make better flowers in my spare time)

Project 4 (atc box in my spare time, only problem is I have managed to use it for storage
at the moment lol)

Project 5 (my journal in my spare time)

Project 6 (in my spare time)

Project 7 (tutorial with Dylusions in my spare time)

Project 8 (a guest designer post)

Project 9 (a guest designer post)

Project 10 (my Creative Expressions new DT stash that I have started working on)

My other love is crochet and I taught myself a year ago and these are
the projects I'm working on, except for the mandala as I just wanted
to show how much I love them lol.  The top left is going to be a blanket, top right
is the first square of a bag,  bottom left is a handbag for Lacie, middle is a small motif to start
making a cover for my phone, middle bottom is a flower bunting that I have done some
more on this afternoon as I want to give it to Lacie next week.

My favourite products are Paperartsy stamps and paints (shown below).

I'm currently reading ...........

and some magazines, my favourite are my crochet ones, Craft Stamper due some time
this week, Cloth Paper Scissors and Stampington magazines.

Why do I create what I do ...............
Because I enjoy it lol.  Obviously I work on Creative Expressions DT so that dictates 
what I use, but at the moment I am enjoying teaching myself all about mixed media products.
In all my projects that you see above that are in my spare time, you can guarantee it's because I'm
teaching myself something.  At the moment I am very interested in learning colour theory, now
initially I tried from a book and a colour wheel, but I have found out I am understanding
it more by playing with those colours, finding out what I can mix together or what will make mud, this
is then shown on a project I start, so I'm actually playing with it and learning.  I also
am learning more about my paints, inks and mediums and how they compliment each other.
I have found over the last 3-4 months that creativity has been a struggle at times, but I realised
it's because I am not enjoying working in such a mess, it takes me ages to find things, and by that
time the inspiration has gone past as it has took my around an hour to collect and find things.
This is one of the other reasons to sort my craft room as I like to be able to gather
everything together even embellishments that need paints, die cutting etc, by the time I got searching
that's why it takes so long.  I would like to have my whole craft room sorted by my birthday in
one week, but I don't think that will happen, the major part will be done so that will be good
enough hopefully then everything else will be done between projects :-)

How does my creative process work and how I stay focussed.
I explained a bit of that above, I do get inspired by other crafters work especially the 
amazing Paperartsy Inspiration challenge.  I hate to copy, I love to see the techniques, and
the composition of someone's work but to copy mortifies me, and because of that
some of the Paperartsy challenge entries I have scrapped because they look like I have
copied them.  I also have a form of OCD, not so much the cleaning etc, mine is I sometimes
can't move on until I have done something else.  This all came to head during my breakdown and after
working with specialists I am so much better, before it took over my life.  But I still feel it creep
in sometimes and that can have a huge effect and why so many times I have projects half
done.  It also effects commenting, some days I'm fine, but I have this thing that I need to have the
time it will take to catch up on all the commenting of that particular blog, but if I haven't got the time
then I don't do it, which then makes me further behind, then I panic, feel guilty and it's months
before I can bring myself to start again.  I really hate it, and try so hard but sometimes I just can't 
get my head around it.
When I am working on a project it either comes two ways, one from playing then suddenly I know
exactly what I want, or the other is where I have a challenge or a DT and I'm thinking about it or
exploring Pinterest for colour ideas, or techniques.  Then an idea may form, I then collect everything I need
to start, or sort out the drying time process to make sure I have time to complete it.
When I do start working my OCD goes out of the window, I end up in a little area on my desk and
everything around me, on the floor, on me, on the table etc lol, and I get totally involved and
excited.  I usually take step by step pictures so I can show the way I get there.
But then I like to clear away and start a fresh and that is the problem I'm having at the moment,
I can't start a fresh, but when the craft room is done I reckon I will definitely be up to my
usual 3-4 projects a week :-).

What is to come .................
Another reason for the clean up is I have invested in the products to be able to do videos on
you tube, my nephew has even done me my first piece of music (he is at uni doing music).
This is such an exciting prospect for me, the thought of being able to share what I do.
I also want to be able to help, I can remember every process of my crafting time and
how I moved on from then to now.  What helped the most was workshops,
you tube videos, blogs etc.  I want to give back to that, I want to be able to 
help someone else to progress and find themselves in art.
I want to be able for my followers to be able to ask how I do this and for me to 
be able to make a video for them.
I also think I have almost found myself in art, it has took years, but I am realising that
when I'm painting and stamping I loose myself, especially when I'm painting fine
detail acrylic and watercolour paints.  I also love stencilling, and journalling, 
and at last I feel that I'm me, I'm in my own art, I enjoy every process of what I do.
OK maybe when doing DT projects I with I was doing something else sometimes, 
but what I do in my own time in my own art place I am finally finding myself and what
I love and it feel joyous and exciting to move into the future knowing that.
And I can see some amazing exciting times ahead in my art :-)

I am tagging 3 lovely ladies who inspire me, they are extremely talented and I can't wait to 
learn all about them, their post will be up on the 1st September.
2. Claudia
I hope you have enjoyed a peek into my world of crafting and life at the moment,
I hope I haven't bored you too much lol.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate in asking, I love to share :-).

As always Happy Crafting :-)
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx


Cazzy said...

Kezzy this is a really interesting post, I love that you take your beading when you go camping! You have a lovely family. My back won't put up with camping beds any longer, I have to go for the hotel with the best beds and get an extra topper put on it!

Cazzy x

Julie Lee said...

Hi there, Kerry Ann! Such a lovely way to find out about your life! I love the photos, especially of Jasmine, she's adorable. It's lovely that you included your children and your best friend and her lovely daughter too. I think you're so clever with your crochet and you taught yourself too - brilliant! I love how your work is so vibrant and full of colour and happiness. Thank you for tagging me in the blog hop: I'm really
honoured. I'm really looking forward to joining in. Julie Ann xxx

rachel said...

what a fabbu post kezzy. so good to learn more about you and thanks for agreeing to do this. brilliant pictutrd annd fab work in progress. it all looks very inyeresting. big hugs to you and hope to catch up soon
rachel x

Claudia N. said...

Thank you so much for sharing this detailed insight into your physical AND mental "studio", Kezzy!

I loved seeing that your and my craft room look very much alike (even though yours is a lot larger...but the same "order", the same (crammed) stair seat from IKEA, the same creativity in the air (that sometimes originates from the chaos and/or trying to sort it a bit *lol).

I know how health issues and creativity are able to influence each other...either in the good or the bad way. So I truly admire how you get along and the discipline you put into your life as an artist! (Because this way of living really needs a lot of just tend to forget about it because the finished projects look so "light 'n easy", don't they?

Thanks so much for the tour around and for sharing all the personal detail...I wish you a lot of joy and fun and fulfilment with your video project!!! (Can't wait to see you in action). As far as I see it you already are giving back a lot ;)

Thank you also for nominating me! I feel very honoured!

Big hug and wishes,
Claudia x

Gio said...

Wow, Kezzy, I almost read everything, thank you for sharing a bit of your life, your creative juorney and your feelings with us. I felt the same on several things, just nodding crazily at the screen while I was reading!!

I hope you got sorted out a bit your room, I think it's almost mandatory for you, hold on, don't give up! :-)