Wednesday, 1 May 2013

This Weeks Smiles

Hi all, over at Annie's (aka Wipso) blog she does a weekly linky post called This Weeks Smile, and she encourages us to enter something to make other's smile.  I haven't joined in yet as I felt that I hadn't got a recent picture then yesterday the following things made me smile and I'm hoping they will too :-)

This is the tree in our front garden, it should only bloom every few years,
but the last two years it has bloomed so we didn't think it would this year.
The we had a glorious day yesterday a real taster of spring 
and it's almost like it bloomed over night :-)

To mark this special occasion when the icecream man
came around last night my daughter and I decided on 
icecream.  I asked her to bring me the biggest one lol and this is
what I got!!! The photo is a bit blurry as my daughter
couldn't stop laughing as I took a picture of her
holding my icecream and also it was dripping all down her hands
which made her giggle more, to stop this I'm trying to lick it then take
a picture lol

I hope these picture of bought a smile to your face while remembering a fun moment or just enjoying the fact that spring has sprung :-)  I shall be back in a moment with woyww!!!
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx


Annie said...

I am chuckling now Kerry. Love the pics especially one of that icecream [even though it is now out of bounds for me :-( ]. I hope you enjoyed every lick.
A x

rachel said...

oh yes kerry -t hese both mae me smile xx

Julie Lee said...

That tree is just gorgeous! And that looks like the biggest ice-cream ever! They both made me smile too! x